SeCoS – Secure Contactless Sphere
Smart RFID-Technologies for a Connected World

Approximately 50% of all RFID chips used worldwide were developed in Styria. Moreover, Styrian companies lead the field of chip innovation with applications such as admission control, electronic tickets and electronic payments. Styria is the only place in Austria where all necessary know-how and expertise can be found and are being combined. Led by JOANNEUM RESEARCH, SeCoS unites three scientifically leading international research groups and five world-wide operating companies.

Scientific and Technological Development Plans:

  • Top Technologies are used to develop an innovative “Web of Things Apllication Platform”.
  • “Integrated Secure Technologies” will fulfill much better customised, social, juridical requirements concerning security and data protection.
  • “Future Contactless Transmission Technologies” will carry out research on the reduction of component sizes and will try to reach carrier frequencies which have not yet been achived. Furthermore those technologies will work on increasing data transfer rates and find out about improving the accuracy of object tracking.
  • In order to develop five “Future Application Demonstrators” the research results of three of the research areas mentionned above will be used.

This K-Project SeCoS is funded in the context of COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies by BMVIT, BMWFW, Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG), Province of Styria – Government of Styria. The programme COMET is conducted by Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

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